Connecticut Shooting

I just read the news of the Shooting in Connecticut with tear-filled eyes. I’m generally (sadly) callous to these types of tragedies, but with two little girls, I have a whole new paradigm. I just keep thinking of the little kids who had to witness that. How will they cope? How will their parents cope? How will the rest of us respond? With so many recent shootings, I’m starting to wonder if there’s some validity to these cries for gun control. Will that help curb some of these public (and private) shootings? Maybe. Will it provide a guarantee that a mentally unstable person won’t walk into my children’s school and start shooting. No… there are no guarantees in life except eventual death.

Because of that reality, and this sad reminder of our frailty as human beings, I cling to my faith. In times where the question “Why?” cannot be answered, I know that there’s a bigger plan, and that ultimately, no matter what happens with me — or at my daughter’s school — that there is a God that loves me and has a larger plan than I can imagine. That’s also why I have the scripture reference “Rom. 8:28” tattooed on my arm.
“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose..”